Old 97s

Old 97s - Hands Off

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Hands off.

I had a dream they took my hands off.

Although you probably think that I'm soft boiled,

I'm still in love with you.

Girlfriend, don't sit 'round waiting for the world to end.

I'll keep my distance but I won't pretend

I'm not in love with you.


And it's all your fault. You spiked my malt.

You slipped a mickey in my heart.

And I can't shake free, although I'm shaking like a tree.

I should've never let it, I should've never let it start.

Deep end. I guess I'm going off the deep end.

It's only 'cause you've got a hand to lend

I'm still in love with you.

Crap shoot. You've got the snake eyes and lizard boots.

I like you better in your birthday suit, yeah

I'm in love with you.

2 x Chorus

Hands off. I shot another leaded star

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