Obie Trice

Obie Trice - Spend The Day

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[Intro: Obie]

BME, Obie Trice

All I need is 1440 minutes wit'chu baby

Drey Skonie c'mon

[Chorus: Drey Skonie] + (Obie)

Tell me what you want (what you want)

You can have it babe (you can have it)

It don't matter, what it is

Girl you can have your way (it's your way baby)

And I don't care 'bout money

I'll spend it anyway (it's what we do)

Just imagine what I'd do for you

Just spend the day with meeeeeeeeee, ohhhh

Spend the day with meeeeeeeeee, ohhhh

Just spend the day with me

[Obie Trice]

What the problem is? Ain't it obvious?

Got a thing for ya, we need to handle biz

Take you to the crib, play with your esophagus

Get your nose snotty, eyes watery

I just wanna party wit'cha, got the party bus

We doin 1800 shots, all of us

You bring the honeys, I can bring hustlers

And we can muster up conversation to discuss

And I'ma put it in your brain, like you're readin Zane

Jumpin off my skyscraper, you ain't die in vain

You came and became, my lil' mama

Miss do anything, no drama

Runs in your stockings, no comma

When we encounter you appreciate kitchen counters

Alls I need is 24 hours

Watch Obie show you that the world's ours


[Obie Trice]

Say she love my aura, how my hustle unfold

Way I hurt 'em with the yay, she call me Amber Rose

Pretty toes, no pimples, no blotch

No Proactiv, nope, the girl's hot

They rolled the carpet, whenever that the girl's out

Make sure it's Red, cause I made sure her Bottoms are

My bottom broad, you could catch us at the bar

No tops on the bottles, exactly how the models are

You know I'll put your ass together like a model car

Now your head's gettin big, if you follow us

on Twitter with Venus and Serena

Then Trice do the servin, whenever he's between her

Cause Obie-GYN

You say you're bi-curious then bring yo' friends

And we can get it in 'til, ante-meridian

Wake up, roll over then we do it again


[Chorus]<br />

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