Obie Trice

Obie Trice - Richard ft Eminem

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Old back around the corner, got the crack, put in your orders

We rock the run up bout the stores, it's notorious

The way I got big spitting stories

Pm ... sex clan, van glorious

You're not the ... fuck it, you know the system in your bucket

Had to revisit in, how you used to love it

A nigga is ... through the music, acoustics, cool kid

Used to push ...uses, truth is, I was true in this school

So this influence is foolish, that was my views

I'm back at it, a rap addict, by any means

We gonna get these stacks accurate, no skinny jeans

You say he ain't a star nigga this might be right

So regular, nigga got a shit tonight

Pick a bad selector, let them know it's Trice

Put your seat belts on, we gonna ride tonight

...introduce my...hi, hi

Did you get my icon, icon with a life supply

A wife beater, in my next song

And a white ...over that iron mike, looking fly tonight

Feel like I might die from a spider bite

Come back as Spiderman, park my Peter inside her...

Bitch I ... she got higher standards than mine...

And apply your fingers off...

Only a ... taking 2 ... with no taste...

Give a toothpick, stop on the way home

Pick up 2 big... girl you got a nice ... but your plum's stupid

So when I pull up in that benz don't try to pretend you ain't interested

That to impress your stupid ass friends and refuse to get in

Women get slammed on the ground and snap like a pool stick against

Some of them refuse to get dick, pretend it's a musical instrument

You get one shot, not miss a chance to blow

I can tell it first class or a hoe

Cause your pants are so

Tight when you dance with ...implants explode

So call the dice the chances snow

In San Francisco,

I'm from Detroit city, you living in a mile city

That's a fucked up... to be in

Something to try... look where these random thoughts get me

... want me apologize, ... it's just the way the rhyming...

I wouldn't fucking take it back even if I'd time travel

Just call me Richard, cause I'm a dick, dick

It's on some Richard cause I feel you should ... a bit

I said just call me Richard, Richard, cause I'm a dick, dick

Can we got a ... my dick

When I hold my private...your first clue Sherlock prick

Just call me Richard

That's my motives, jumping out the Rovers

All white like I was ride up in the Dakotas

Or Minnesota, did I mention soda?

When it's mixed with viola watch my cup run ...over

Cut from a soldier, from hoe in the disposable toaster

Putting hoes in a nigga, gettin close enough

... till the credits roll, till my condition is beyond what the medics know

They wanna ... oh, like a prosthetic 3rd leg, let it go

This is shady 1.0, ... let them know

I still profit through the process

The prize in my jeans, my balls will never digress

I'm a dick and I bragg about

I put it in ... and I drag it out, word

I be your special friend see cause

These suckers suffer from sudo penis envy

Just call me Richard, cause I'm a dick, dick

It's on some Richard cause I feel you should ... a bit

I said just call me Richard, Richard, cause I'm a dick, dick

Thanks to Andy for correcting these lyrics

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Friday 23rd of March 2012 16:09
Dope track this is shady 0.1,damn I dig this track
Friday 23rd of March 2012 12:27
A couple of snippets for this song surfaced the net earlier, but now here's the final version for Obie Trice's "Richard". On this track the rapper gets help from Eminem, which spits a few verses in his own unique style.