Obie Trice

Obie Trice - Making Dough

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Making lots of dough, making lots of dough

You know what, you ain’t even got a like so please for more excitement

Even though you’re wrong … won’t ride it

You’re gone with a .. white kid, you have to get my own like Oprah and ..

which means I win free of all extra fingers in my income increase whatever ..

I say I ain’t .. when a pimp hold ..and be a ..

Making lots of dough.

Nigga I’m a murder shitty and if it’s the .. certain

I did a …thousands of niggas tortured

Pay the ignition ‘cause only try … meet my .. back try to serve it

What I don’t deserve is your funny …see a star person nigga probably shitty cause

A … but it … nigga real name no …some gonna get it ..

Making lots of though , making lots of though

I know it’s been a minute since ..

I got my own life outside to see a witness

So talk to the .. like a .. image

Thus by your man ya all niggas to quit it, you know they try to ..guess

I hate my …end it up living like they all intend it

I ain’t disappear like a .. some here .. make this clear .. be me.

Making lots of dough

I hate … this ’86, I’m back like ’86

Champagne, bubble over, show love with your .. over,

… no soldier, from a city ..suppost to,

me and my aunt bringin’ on my ..see they got ..gloria.

(Making lots of though)

Money on my mind that’s all try to sign

Haters on the knees … they try to climb,

.. and no friends …but it’s .. a red … hold nigga back

Yeah I wanna see a .. so obviously ..

Making lots of dough, making lots of dough

You know what I need a whole lot of money…my f*ckin’ fam love me

I need a .. to the .. try to cost me

I got a whole lot of …pistols..cause is getting money

Homie I suppost ‘cause I got a … you aint’ ready for me …

Nice full of toes .. whole lot of shows, whole lot of .. I’m a whole lot of ..

that’s O Ashley it’s just me .

Making lots of dough, making lots of dough.

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