Obie Trice

Obie Trice - Letter

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I write a letter to my self, won’t forget the jail

All that dead in jail

I write a letter to myself to show that I provale

Howcome you can tell?


You started off the problem, you ain’t got no goddens

Color is low, look around this vibin’

No fallin’ availeble, it’s willin’

You actin’ like a bitch right now, now nigga I’m ridin’

My homie at the street they ain’t hold much

He frustrated, try to watch TV

Try to mark young Z, the roach it’s coped and sneck some company

Frontin’ like they don’t see cribs

That shit stressin’ for an _____(?) especilly when yoour dress code reckless

Feeling there’s no blessings

That’s when your sticky chess out and get prespective

You know you not the freshest, freshest, freshest

Write a letter to myself, won’t forgget my hell x 2



Come on, you know the hood you was made in

Night and day in slay, never came here, had to prove you was breck with

Mama the only one who raisin’ em

See the homie on the block, got the ay on the same page

Like the way I rock, he just see me from the way

What I do guap, take a squap on the cray

Stash bout little hunnit fit OD

Still got a little hunny in my fam

On the way to pick this up, looking like a year

And you get no complement it

So things go original just I can’t escape your fear

I’ve never been here, never been noticed

Life is more than just a poster on OTIS

Obie you the coldest, humble your self, stay focus

I love ya, the reason why I wrote this

Write a letter to myself, won’t forgget my hell x 2



You from Detroit so you know how the buissines is

Haters in quiters things

And I know where you live, who your baby is

How your money work, try to take you off you

Then you get it out you, put you on the trauma

Unit so don’t matter them niggas without you

Major part of that reason they out you

You don’t build the house here even thou the nigga are out here

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