Sweden's NonExist, featuring Andromeda guitarist Johan Reinholdz, have officially announced the departure of vocalist Johan Liiva (Hearse, ex-Arch Enemy) as they near completion of their as-yet-untitled second full-length for New Hawen Records.

"Liiva said that his full-time job and involvment with Hearse made it difficult to find energy for Nonexist as well," explains guitarist/mainman Johan Reinholdz to DigitalMetal. "I understand his situation and reasons and there are no hard feelings between us. It feels sad and it has been great working with him."

Currently, Reinholdz is the only remaining member of NonExist. Drummer Matte Modin (Dark Funeral, Defleshed) has also officially exited due to priorities in his other bands, leaving the talented guitarist in search of two spots.

Hovever, that hasn't stopped NonExist from writing material, which, according to Reinholdz, are "slower, heavier and a bit more melodic."

"The material is more mid-paced generally, some fast songs though," he continues. "There were some keyboards on Deus Deceptor, but on the new one there's gonna be more, both chords and melodies. Another differance is that there are less odd-time signature grooves. Still brutal though I'm really pleased with the material and we'll start recording sometime this year."

NonExist will enter the guitarist's personal studio (Multipass Studios) where he recorded sections of Andromeda's newest album, II=I, in Höör, Sweden. No album or track titles have been revealed.

Reinholdz is adamant about finding the right vocalist: "Nonexist is looking for a vocalist who is able to match Johan Liiva´s intensity, originality and presence. Our second album is being prepared at the moment." To contact NonExist, please email: Serious inquiries only.

We'll have more information on NonExist as it happens. Stay tuned.