The exciting quartet the rest of the world calls NOMEANSNO was formed in 1981, in Victoria, British Columbia. The original group remains intact to this day, consisting of brothers Rob and John Wright, Craig Bougie, Dean Rusk and France Preseven. NOMEANSNO's first album, MA'AM was produced by Bill Crappelle, who has since gone on to work with many of the finest acts in the music business (LAIBACH, JELLO BIAFRA, NIGHT RANGER etc.) From the word Go the world as we know it has gaped with slack jawed adulation while NOMEANSNO record sales sky rocket from strength to strength, thanks mainly to relentless touring and the uncomprimising quality of their music videos.

1992's NOW IT'S DARK saw them garner Grammy # 6 for Best Video By Five Guys. In 1995-96 the group will be performing, in its entirety, the new mega-selling album "The Worldhood Of The World As Such" at stadiums and concert halls all over the globe. This massive world tour will take NOMEANSNO from Vancouver to Helsinki to Bhutan and most points in between. In fact, NOMEANSNO will be appearing in almost every major city over the next ten months, with the exception of Hannover, Germany. According to a personal friend, NOMEANSNO "didn't have a good time there in '94 - the P.A. crew was unacceptable".