Nofx - Whoops, I Od'd

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Whoops I od'd, shortness of breath, call ambulance, tell my wife I love her<br>Error in judgement cut my life, no second chance,no guiding light<br>I never meant to cause you pain<br>I never thought I'd be the one who took the fall<br>I got lost in the moment, assholes like to test the limit<br><br>Six minutes down, breathing machine, brain not feel right<br>The look on you is killing me, drowning in shame<br>But don't feel bad, cuz I never feard consequences<br>Hate regrets more than apologies<br><br>A year has passed, like photographs, my life is just<br>A scrapbook of old friends and faded memories<br>Looks like I pulled the rub out from under myself<br>The falls too much for me to recover from<br><br>It's been real fun but now I must say goodbye, I'll see you all at okie dogs

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