Band History
Here's a great idea, let's get the guy in the band who smokes the most pot to write a band history. That's me. The guy who couldn't remember what was said five minutes ago if his life depended on it. You try and write down the last 16 years of your life and make it seem relevant?

First Practice 1983
Here's what I do remember. I was sitting with a kid named Dillon in our usual spot with the other punkers during lunchtime at Fairfax high school. He was a drummer, and we were dissatisfied with the bands we were in. My band consisted of me and my one and only Punk Rock friend both playing guitar and singing and that was it. Neither one of us had finished any songs. Not quite a recipe for success.

So I sez to my friend, let's start a band. A real band, a band that does stuff. A band that writes songs, practices, puts out records, and goes on tour. We talked about who else we wanted in this band. We knew lots of good people from going to punk gigs around LA. He knew a Bass player named Mike who used to be in a band called False Alarm. We both knew a guy named Steve from Orange County who we agreed would make a great front man. We made some calls and arranged to meet and have a first practice.

That's when I first met Mike. Mike was a huge Misfits fan. He looked like a Misfits fan. His hair was long in front and it was all hairsprayed together to a point down the middle of his face in what was called a "Devilock". Mike had some songs for us to play. I had written a song called "Take Part". It sounded an awful lot like Minor Threat's version of the Monkees' Stepping Stone. Steve didn't go to that first practice, he couldn't get a ride up from Orange county.

After that first practice Dillon quit and Mike called up Erik. Mike and Erik had met a couple of years earlier while skateboarding around Hollywood. Erik liked Mike's Black Flag skateboard. It was Punk. Mike had asked Erik to join False Alarm back then, but Erik's mom wouldn't let him do it 'cuz he had no driver's license yet. Later on, when we asked him to play drums with us he was in a band called Caustic Cause. Erik joined us but his other band would have to have priority. We were supposed to be a 4-piece but practiced as a 3-piece, Steve hadn't made it to one practice yet.