Nofx - Vanilla Sex

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Don't ever take away from me my pornography<br>We obviously don't agree on what's obscene<br>I have the right to choose what i<br>Want to see and read<br>Don't try to take away from me<br>My tight to privacy what i<br>Do is no one business but me<br>So stay in your missionary position<br>I hope that you got bored to death<br>There's no way I'm going thru life<br>Having vanilla sex<br>The governments trying to get in<br>Your bedroom you better lock you<br>Door and close you shades because<br>There could be someone watching you today<br>Why do you try to make things illegal<br>Why do we have to be 21<br>Are you afraid that people are having<br>Too much fun<br>Why do you care what I do in my bedroom<br>Why do you want to know how I screw<br>It seems to me you've got nothing better<br>To do.

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