rate me

all this marathon I wait is nothing more than sacre

right bad

hustle on type

hey Look, that was in my faith

six 'cause I'll be on my cases probation but I'll be on vacation

I come back I'm rich I'm famous

them bitches don't facing

she can't do f*ck me good and told me not the same shit

feel bad

show all in my bro bro

step in.your fine ass I f*ck

...until she come back

once she find that try to find

turn around slow in deep inside that look

ex holly anticipated

drunk and f*ck this smoking blunt

she..your p**sy from this bitch

this like a layout

and..the bravin looking stupid

she's fallin foe young nigga chase a ..

bullet from black on black flowin circles out the..

smoke until this music lie, lie

and we ride

see back time music bangin and see the sky

and we ride

top on seat back music playin blunt shot out

and we ride

seat back time for music bangin

and we're looking fly

and we ride

top for seat back music playin runnin that song

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