NIPSEY HUSSLE - The Rap Monument

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Hey time to hit, pull up some gas and get start

Another bro getting face to the crib

Somebody waving on his way to the cheeps

High after money and I’m wasting the shit

High after life and she can’t get a crib

Hundred dollar cop and you can’t do the set

I’m a million dollar man, you should take you a flame

Hundred thousand dollar court I said

Am I brought this issue?

Chris arms get swix and (?) get o part of shelves and get all of the creeps

We can ball and get break

She don’t know money so she calling you bridge

You ain’t got games so you far from the issue

Put it all in the (?) tell ‘em all that she split

Now you feel like a wip, talking ‘bout what you was building with issue

That you wanna open up and feel shit

Probably get shit and you willing on with (?)

To the issue, fifty dollar, hundred dollar for the big issue

Go crowd on the real, on the rest

Fresh like my nephew Coleen in this shit

Money, hell no conceal from this

Longer cuz but I’m still with issue

Back there real quick when I wip

Gotta ride it on my lap got some realest test

And I feel on my tip, post like field and I stuck and the (?)

It ain’t not stopping issue

It’s for all the packs, get down on your sit

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