NIPSEY HUSSLE - Thas Wat Hoes Do

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(Ft. YG & Rimpau)


Young rich nigga shit

..rap show shit

She know my ex bitch she think she got next

She f*cked the gang them niggas through that throw that p**sy off deck

She ain’t no real bitch that’s why she talk shit

She been a hoe since middle school why she ain’t got shit

She ain’t the homegurl she always getting punked

She ain’t the stripper she just hit the club and get drunk

That bitch a pillhead she looking sick ah

I heard she got a std don’t get your dick s*ck

That ain’t her boyfriend she get pimped uh

‘cause she cant ever keep a man she always getting dumped

She got her heart broke when she was real young

That hoochie special ed , bro im talkin real dumb

Don't gotta holler at her ahe gon' approach you, she got her county check

Now she think she’s so cute

Them ain’t no red bottoms she borrowing clothes too

But i aint’ mad on you bitches thas what hoes do

2 x Hook:

Do do thas wat this hoes do

Do do thas wat this hoes do

Do do thas wat this hoes do

But we ain’t mad at you bitches

thas wat hoes do.

She fuck on me than fucked the crew thats what these hoes do.

Young nigga if you with swap from the old school

Them last week bitches they old newa

She let me hit now only thing she got was soul food..

This ain’t Halloween girl it ain’t tricking me

we eat for free ‘cause i took your bitch ebt

Gave her the D than she run and told her homegirls

the next week she found out i fucked her homegirls

She say gimme so i gave that bitch my cock to suck

The dick was good so now she at my house poppin up

I got a bitch named Shelly dat' bitch hell messy

And she fuck like its a sport she should run a espy

Hoe bitches always got more than one nigga to fuck

Hoe bitches can’t wait to the first of the month

The so true bro yeah thats what these hoes do

She let me hit now only thing she got was soul food.

[2 x Hook:]

Shout out to Pusha Inc. I’m yelling TMC

One time for new division Top Dawg and A.O.B

We had a difference but they got handled in the street

So I'm gon' keep it hood and shout the homies from Unique

That’s Willy Lynch shit, they want us all to beef

But it’s enough money in this shit for us all to eat

We got them clubs going we got them streets going

We got that Worldstar Hip Hop and MTV going

And yeah we lost it for a sec but now we Repoin'

I took the trip out to Manhattan outta east knowin

When I’m in Atl I'm haulin' duck tape

Ricardo Alley blue and black dem niggas nothin' fake

I think I'm Dj Khalid, R-R-R-Ricky Ross

That We da' best, and MDG shit screamin' bitch I'm the boss

I started on the block of the truck of my old school

Till I ain't mad at my haters that’s what hoes do

[2 x Hook:]

You hoes know me but i don’t know them

They unpredictable just give em dick and then I'm through

Yeah she low key but she get it in

That’s what this hoes do she been a flip she old news

She don't got a job really but she love to fuck

throw her back, suck, busy she don't ever get enough

She be runnin game ‘cause she look good

She trick a nigga set it up to lick a nigga

She be owing up she don’t give a f*ck

She off of beng bay and she getting drunk

She fuck the whole squash she aint waste no time

Blame it on your high baby you ain't even gotta lie

She fucked at AnB's , She fucked at Pussy Inc

No sleep wash her coochie in the kitchen sink

That’s what she good at


Burnt cat

Wore out Pussy

I don’t want that, hold that

[2 x Hook:]

Me and my nigga Slim was on the blade right

He laced my chucks and said Hussle get your game tight

Back when I thought of G's they were getting paid like

We sending bitches early mornings to the late night

Talkin' some pole or to Figueroa and Sunset

She'll give you money if you tell her you don't want sex

That fuck her mind up tell her she just a fine duck

Get out of pocket with a piece she gon' get lined up

I had dis hoochie from the Jay she was a go get her

She brought her friend, her friend went too

That’s how you know nigga

Bitch i’m fromt Tiny Locs I ain’t no hoe' nigga

You broke and only fuck with ballers, you's a gold digger

This from them girls rolling stressed up tryin smoke wit'chu

Lookin busted in the club steady drinkin your liquor

Bitch put the bottle down that's for the bro’s boo

I ain’t mad at you baby that’s what hoes do

Thanks to Samantha / Simsimma for correcting these lyrics

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