NIPSEY HUSSLE - Sound Of My Ceremony

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If I break your heart little momma dont make a scene

You prolli just jelous cause you couldnt do it to me Youd probably call me a failure if I ain’t never achieved i rather got you call me cocky for living like I believed

But I am a king No sympathize with the fake

got some problems from the snakes

Is flock season and I value my estates

so I bought some barbed wire case they try n climb the gates

Houston Rocket on my waist, hip hop cops on my case

but fuck them more deposit on my bank

God damn a nigga straight croocked letter on my face

a fly crip but I rep my whole race

Got the love scene good but everybody wanna taste

They say can’t win it all the niggas gonna take

I say if you want fish let me lead you to the lake

But niggers late see you ma at late night

early morning nigga 25/8

Life wasnt easy growing up I had to make

something out of nothing and if you struggled you relate

But now we living straight everything great

I don’t need your help now nigga all of yall late

That’s why I made sure made all of your shake

The way I ride dick I think of all of your gay

Practice all night balling all day

sleeping on the flights when I land I get paid

I ain’t got a boss I am not a slave

turning up my hustle's how give myself a raise

Is funny how people let money make them change

Say you stickin to the script and start ripping out the pages

Of History it ain’t a mystery

If i died yesterday my life will be a victory

These niggas sound stupid sayin they invented me

But arguing with fools is a waste of energy

Im a Franchise player and the owner of the team

And tyhey only ency me cause we on the winning spree

Now Its the sound of ceremony

The sweet smell of success yess I wear it on me

Snoop Dog looking nigga in the mirror told me

Keep getting money, fuck bitches and beware of homies

Cause Brutus killed Ceaser and Judas killed Jesus

But thats why im a leader

Cause they call it dry snitching if i take it any deeper

Thanks to Jiggy for correcting these lyrics

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