NIPSEY HUSSLE - Smoking With My Stylist

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Initials on my wallets, smoking with my stylist

Custom german plates on all my cars cause bitch I’m balling

All in burning crosses, which royalty regardless

Honestly I’m honored just to represent the progress

Destined as I seem to you, I know what I mean to you

Martin Luther king junior, Hussle, let me dream through you

When I told my scheme to em, told me that I seem stupid

Empty engines need fueling, yall was like my theme music

Now I keep them links Cuban, money talks, I speak fluent

Everybody buying rolies, you can ask my team’s Jeweler

Life is but a dream to us, life is why they need music

Got it wrapped around the corner, looking like supreme threw it

Cause when you cook it right, the fiends use it

Come take a look at life how we view it

You gotta start off in a cheap buick

Then book a flight and see to it

That’s first class, my first pass

It’s big shit nigga like when birds pass

7 grams I got to a bird fast

And Brynhurst Ave start busting on my church pass

Doa, you gonn be ok, that’s what my granny used to say

But I ain’t see a way

Sitting in the county jail I pray I see today

Most successful nigga got a S up on his face

Fuck the world, fuck the world

They hate the young nigga that could fuck your girl

They hate a real nigga when the touch a mill

Hate you if you fake, but hate you more if you're real.

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Thursday 6th of June 2013 02:19
Nipsey Hardest nigga in the game hands down....You holding down the West my nigga...Keep killn em