NIPSEY HUSSLE - Runaway (Freestyle)

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It's like 2 o clock in the studio

I guess this 55 thousand so we gon do it like this

Ugh, hussle, nigga

1 take too

Look ugh,

Mack 11 on my dress drawer

Model bitches like Nipsey what's the weapon for

Niggas try and take I give them less than

So it's understood there is no explanation for

Put the box in concrete and put the safe in floor

Extra thick carpet, that's why we laid it for

Young niggas get money, that's what I make it for

Play this out your Range Rover and Mercedes door

I graduated from having haters

Now I see it all as fake love so don't congratulate us

And thank God for my imagination

I seen a vision, I'm in it, and now I'm after greatness

I know God got me so I practice patience

Most the time I look inside and find the answers waiting

I'm trying to change my life but it's aggravating

Making the same mistakes twice, I'm shackled to Satan

So let's make a toast to the real niggas

Self made success, know how it feel nigga

Ugh, now raise your glass to the real women

You know the one, man in jail but she still with him

Out here on her own but she deal with it

So I'm gon tip my s-dome cause I'm feelin' ya

I represent that any means necessary chopper int he window pane

Lifestyle legendary

Been treated a lot of ways, it was never feared

So we gon shoot before we March like February

And they don't like it when I rap like that

They rather I'd talk about the crown that's always black on black

And say neighbourhood sixty crip in every <i>[? ]</i>

So they can play my tape in court and lock me up for that

But I'm cool

Tell them Judges I'm never going back it's a marathon nigga run a lap.


56 Thousand

All money in, in

All money in, in

All money in, in

No motherfucking money out nigga

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