NIPSEY HUSSLE - Return Of The Mack

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Girl why you think there's a hole in your mouth

Don't try to flip the question I don't go down south

But I could show you the bounce

Show you how to flip that ounce

Tuck it in your purse and cover your blouse

Set up shop, bring the work up in your house

Really show you what this hustling about that's if you game for it

You in the club what you came for

To meet a baller with a car and get all your drinks paid for

You and your girlfriends with the French tips

And the mack lipstick with the black Baby Phat fit

Knowing that your ass and tits

Is enough to have most n-ggas blind by the cash they spent

Yeaah, but not Nispey you can't knock Nips Hussle

Convince you I love you until I got a limp muscle

Why I flip ruffles until my chips double

Let's hit the sunset strip and get some trouble, come on

We can take the bands and hit the street

With the top down so they could see

We could hit the clubs and party hard

Cause I just bought out the bar

Return of the swag (hussle)

Return of the swag (hussle)

Return of the swag (hussle)

Cause you know we bring back

Here I am (hussle hussle)

As I soon as I stepped in there's nothing fresher don't test him

The 4-5 under the 5 x is a heckler

The S500 will hit Slauson from 0-60 in six seconds

Quick flexin'

Plus mommy in the red's interesting

Tongue ring probably mean head's in the question

Back out, open toes, all around sexy

Invite her to session in the VIP section

So come chill with some real bosses

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My money come in lumps and I get it often

I came from having nothing so I gotta floss it

And all this Kush weed got me so exhausted

Still I, pop bottles with broads that's full throttle

I can take your picture if you tryna model

We can take a trip to the top of Colorado

We ride shotgun through the neighbourhood I know

Come ride with me

We could hop inside my old school that's on fours

Who's fly as me

My diamonds shining and my pockets swoll

She's eyeing me

Now I'm trying to get her out of those

Designer jeans

Cause that's what I do, do, do

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