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(ft Blanco,Kokane & B-Legit)


Late nights and long flights

Go... champagne, nigger!..

Now I'm smoking on some older.... Amsterdam shit

Kush, weed, politic, and trying to make my plan stick

Push me, too close to the edge and smack

I ain't that nigger thinking he hit a couple dollars to switch

I ain't your role model, I ain't know no positive shit

I'm awesome, by any means, a nigger got to get rich

Scheme ass ..only logic is this, told the...

Could you really, you didn't see that I was the shit?

And niggers slept and woke 'em up, like...

Look at my hustlers, you can chill, just...

Extra the broads that I feed.

It's not a part that I'm gonna spit, it's not a part of my script

Why witnessing, niggers get arrested...

..the niggers looking at me like... you can hit

We'll take you after last nigger, body rest in peace!


... I just do...

I can't look for circles...

You ain't never see no bitching me!

Why you're talking ....

I've been in the streets taking this cash.

Some of them say I'm super fly

Some of them say I'm super dope

Some of them say I moved a lot

Some of them say I'm pushing..

I'm a bad mother fucker

You're planning to be a gangsta, but you act like a sucker

Sucker, sucker, no one really fuck with me

The type of hustler to get busted and still... milli

For a rainy day, maybe just bail money

..acting hell of funny.

I'm getting money now, you act funny and style

I mean the coop do about a hundred miles per hour

Drunk full of powder, bitch behind the wheel and ...

Wrong road, trips and short term relationships

Twenty five to life is the type of shit I'm faced with

And I ain't never scared, I'm just about everywhere

And I got platinum chains that I hardly ever wear.


... fuck what... can keep the change

... catch me...

.... I just do a...

Hustle nigger!

I can't help myself, cause I'm not...

You ain't never see no bitching me!

Why you're talking ....

I've been in the streets taking this cash.

I got a HIV flow

Pocket full of ... it's female for ...

Talking to police and get your jeep ass..

I'm fully automatic like Jordan form the ...

Quick on my feet like..

..the only damn key to the key whole

It's... but I love it when she...

yeah, staring at the sky...

And all my life I ball, I ... some game ...

If I had to do it over again

I got the word with... feeling all over my skin.

In order to win, you gotta push your line

...I fuck around, but only with my own kind.

And I'm.. like chicken in the paper bag

And you can always find a nigger with that funny ass!


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