NIPSEY HUSSLE - No Limit To This

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God forgive us, cause we do not know what we do

We only do what we see

All my real nigga forever, man

It's my life, nigga!

No limit forever, man

I told you lame I raised these niggas

I'm about to give what's mine!

It's my life, uh

It's my life nigga, no limit forever

A lil skinny nigga, call me underdog

Hanging with my partners...

It's funny how they rock and change a nigga like...

Sleeping on the flow to match and fucking over nights

Took grandma to the church, had to pay my time

A hundred Gs to the preachers, should have seen his eyes

My auntie cry every time when she sees me strapped

But with these lil nigga to kill your life, is just one trap

Keep my pistol caught homie, I don't fuck with cowards

Took my bitch out the hood, here's a million dollars!

Put my trust in God, and I love haters

Cause every time they talk shit, nigga I get paper

Watch your enemies, you even gotta watch your friends

Peter told...he love 'em then he did him...

But I call this shit last year.. shit's funny

Real niggas are turned bitch behind the real money

I thank God for my partners, my nigga joy

Cause when I was hurt, he ain't talk, he said picture throw it!

Yeah, let's make a toast to this real shit!

And all the boy shit we had to deal with

Started out in.. we had to build bricks

I pray twenty years later that I'm still rich

Rolling up Swish, you said it's real shit

Still praying for the patients not to kill shit

Started out... we had to build bricks, build bricks, build bricks

It's no limit to this real shit!

It's the untouchable, grew up on a...

So it's nothing for me to kick in the door and fuck with you

Tie you and your bitch up... in the truck with you

You die on your way to the track, and I'm stucking you

This next ball for Rihanna, I'm fucking you

Gangsta, hit a doggy style with Chris Brown..

Love bitches, smoke weed, cut pie...

You ain't seen a cold nigga like this!

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