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[Intro: Cee-Lo Green]

I pour out a little liquor (Uh-huh)

RIP to my niggas (Rest in peace)

I pour out a little liquor

[Verse 1: Jadakiss]

Evil thoughts in your mind keep running through

Not quite sure what you wanna do

Like, what is this world coming to?

Life goes on even if you don’t want it to (Uh-huh)

It’s a sad ride home

If the good die young do the bad die old? (Let me know)

I’m just trying to carry my load

Another good nigga livin but the bad got gold

Lookin for the Lord but the devil spoke to you

When you lose a loved one or somebody that’s close to you

People turning they back meaning the most to you

Then you find out your man is sending them folks to you

Maybe you shed a tear and you never cry

Always true to your word and you never lie

Got your hand on them birds you would let em fly

Yeah, cause real niggas never die (What?)

[Hook: Cee-Lo Green]

Somebody tell me why

Why the good die young

Sometimes it makes me cry (cry)

To know that you’re mine

Hold on to the memories

Not a day goes by I

Hear a voice and dry those eyes

Cause real niggas never die (Real niggas never die)

They never die, no

Real niggas never die (Real niggas never die)

They never die

Real niggas never die

[Verse 2: Nipsey Hu$$le]

I had love for this music

But ain’t know how to pursue it

Was frustrated as a teen

I needed money for buicks?

My shirt was stained from the sewage

Niggas rockin’ the newest

I dealt with it for the moment but couldn’t call it the future

I’m down a block from the shootin’

It started to sound like recruitin’

Seein’ niggas I grew which lead to funeral music

And I was only fifteen

I parted ways with my schoolin’

My first seven grants of work were like my holy communion

And now I’m turnt out

The block hot, niggas burnt out

With no heart it’s cold cash that we search out

We got rules we heard shots then we ‘sperse out

Retaliation, get back

Exactly what the turf bout

And it’s a game of young niggas I was heard ’bout

On the real I almost shed tears in the church house

Back when I thought real niggas couldn’t die

Turned out I was wrong but still couldn’t cry


[Verse 3: Young Jeezy]

She said everybody real, where the fakers at?

She said everybody trill, where the flakers at?

Tryin to break em down, where the tables at?

Dufflebag full of cash like, where vegas at?

crap tables life’s a gamble, what a nigga want?

Now I’m lookin round like, what have a nigga done?

My lord my God, I’m used to hustlin hard

Guess they find it hard how a nigga beat the odds

No illuminati never been a fan of saints

That’s what happens when you room biggest in the states

Same rubberband my cuttin tired braids with

We ain’t cut the same car my auntie played spades with

What you know about fire eatin off a half

Let’s fire muhfuckas now you do the math

I’d say more on these rap niggas don’t lie

This is real nigga shit and real niggas don’t die


[Outro: Cee-Lo Green]

I pour out a little liquor

RIP to my niggas

I pour out a little liquor

RIP to my niggas

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