NIPSEY HUSSLE - Jackin For Beats

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Jumping off the airplane

Blue chucks on the runway

Hussle nigga I only get it one way

Momma said boy you fool stay in school

Last month I made more then every teacher at my school

Come kick it at my crib come swim in my ja-cool-zee

Watch my big screen fuck one of my groupies

Truly hussle liven like a boss now

Straight down slauson Ave to shut the mall down

5thousand really it ain't nonething fuck browsing

Spend it all double back for more hustling

I'm so south centralize it costumes

If I see hatred in his eyes I'm rush em

Trust no bitch don't stuck over lust

It's six million ways to die that's just one

I'm one in a million mammas grab your children

Protect em what's on them blocks and back of those buildings

I'm some were on the coast smoking fealty

Rich on rolling making green buying real-tee

Gold medalist gotta get my torch on

Speed boating geten my scorch on

Al per calling me on my I-phone

Telling me the kush that I smoke fuck up the Ozone

09 trying to go fo gold

Nip hussle rich roll are get rolled on

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