rate me

Have you ever, have you ever

I just gotta do my pocket, tose ever jacket

This way to my sholder ..

Beautifull women, this life is a bless nigga

But you’re the one with it

Make all my key here

You act when I’m sleeping

Black as ...with all of my niggas

Call some prison, for careless decisions

Try to upgrade your living

Try to spread up your ...

I relate all my nigga so I shut you green and die

With fucking this bitches

Two thausand and forteen of lions

We fly to this contries and fallow what lead us

So, West side nigga

That nigas be haters, really I see way

Hundred to show so guess what the ...

That’s one of my goes nigga

You know I can blame mine

I think and I do it

Part of my base out

In that heart that I say

With your favorite friends

Try to do all thing, she ain’t even blame

Took her on her feet

Put her on that sit

Everything ‚bout choise but she came from me

So I got that plan you should probbaly change

Shuts of petrol make your body wave

And I ain’t gonna stop ‚til we fuck out your shit

Then I wake you up and fuck out your sleep

Young nigga with no consciense

Caught behind of your wallet

Bitch tell me I’m awsome

I’m like diamond bitch, I am ..

Life is short, no promises

Party hard like New Orlens

Back at pain and poor

But I ain’t never start ..

Put the ,...stop looking like it could be yours

I just roll a fucking bullet to take the money from source

All I know it’s get more

All I know it’s just floch

Start it off with that I’m ...and poor


Nigga al skip chalange

End it up it’s get busting

All I know we get popping, all I know is I got it’s my logic, maratoon and don’t stop it

That’s the way to get on and ...

Los Angeles it’s roll shit, brown shit

Smoke and smelling like dog shit

Now you feeling like all shit

I gotta gome home, I gotta get about

This ...gotta find a road gotta figure it out

Gotta buy banz, buy houses

They confident while you try hard

Really do this type of shit

But this rappers nigga be in lie about

They tricking whores and they found out

Bitch is coming like go through it

Like get to it, like damn you are

In a hotel suit with all your friends

Try to do our thing she ain’t even here

Took it all for feet but we roll as sick

Hey how you think about choise but she came from me

Look so I got that fly you should probably check

Shuts of petrol make your body wave

And I ain’t gonna stop ‚til I fuck your shit

Then I wake you up and just fuck out your sleep

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