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Fly fly

The best position of my life

My future looking bright

And Gucci's on my face but I'm not blinded by the light

I'm out here in grind mode

I'm out here in grind mode

Yeah, ain't had no pot to piss in

Now I'm on yachts with bitches

My flow is not the sickest

You niggas common senseless

We at the round table politicing

Like F.A.B we R.I.P our competition

No opposition, just a flock of bitches

The roof crack, the trunk open they saw our vision

Bright lights had our eyes itching

She not tripping she just want to take flight with ya

Clear off my runway

I'm bout to catch flight

Clouds on my freeway

I'm a coast my kite

So tell em that I came for the game (fly fly fly)

And I took it (fly fly fly)

It's weather in the sky

For one it never shook me (fly fly fly)

The captain of my plane so I gotta dip it

How could you see my eyes tell me if you see my vision

While my nigga, didn't lie

The weathers in the grave

I feel like it's my duty my nigga to spread my wings

And all I do is fly and fly away

One day I hope you gon all, fly away

Yeah, Perire sippin'

Benz drop dippin'

Real fly crippin' nigga

All money business nigga

Cross country trippin' nigga

First class sittin' nigga

When I touch down it's like a 5 grand interest nigga

You know what I'm into nigga

Money and expensive bitches

Fuck them on expensive leather

Than put on expensive denim

5 stacks in each pocket

What you niggas know about it

I stay on that shit that make your bitch act a hoe around me

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