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Hussle! 51-50

Hey, look! I pull out in a stunt with the marijuana Rikki

Two bad bitches, rosing... for the weekend

Walk past the pool when I got by the D band

She has to hit the blunt when I pass the Cush...

Laugh, drinks and giggles

I got pink slip pussies, couple..

I got strip club hoes with the least potential

With their mind on the million once they leave the..

I'm talking money motivation, let me press my issues

Not a lot of people make it, so it's best you get you

A four time grind, double dollar sign

I'm taking applications if you ain't procrestinating

Imma laugh now and laugh later

Imma real bank breaker, I'm a nose slack taker

Imma CO counter, a click downer

If she acting brand new I brink the freak out her!

Uh, uh, and she's somebody

Get the best drunk, she got deep dope talent

Mouth piece magic... God damn it

It once start to shake like a cocaine habit.

Play, you know, hustle keep it PI

Lil momma flip game on you, but I see why

When I think at you my nigga, I don't think pride

I don't think swag, nigga I don't think fly

I don't think style, nigga, I just think why

It's so lame ass niggas and my freesytle

Listen, maratthon life, the tradition

Every two thousand followers, I make another victim!

All money in, no money out!

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