NIPSEY HUSSLE - Cold Wind Blows

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My life is a blessing

Your life is depressing

Money more problems

At least I am charging for the stress

I am in love with Luci

So my heart is her possession

When I commence relation

Just important is my progression

I am loyal to this game

Press the charges of my contention

Immaculate conception

It will fuck you if you let it be

Labels play games/gangs

That’s why my …

But the price is right

You can be the next contestant

30 million ain’t the same

And it was in 97

So if you want me to play like that boy on social network

Everybody got opinions but not a …

Nigger I am broken not outspoken …

Ride in my .. minding my own business

Mother fuck your friendship if we got opposite interests

Grown man grown you are still living off your bitches

If you do .. what’s up with your pimping

Hustle nigger

I said I said

Hustle nigger

Marathon continues

You already know

Like I said before

Yo all niggers are doing 24 we are doing 25

Yo all niggers are doing 7 days a week

We are doing 8

Hustle in this mother fucker

You already know what it easy

More honey

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Thanks to feel

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