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Look I'm a all money in CEO,

Witch means that fly money is the life I chose,

And they say I think I'm the shit,

But I don't think I kno,

Cause ain't nobody gave us nuttin we just got our own,

We standin on the coutches poppin bottles smokin weed,

Fuckin bitches lovin life makin money countin cheese,

Flow safe cubin links more cake u would think,

It's our birth day bitches thirsty but we never let em drink,

First class leather seats blue guccis on my feet,

Or either chuck taylors get money fuck haters,

Wus up to chuck taylor my nigga compton menace,

Ate all black wall forever ya'll my niggas,

Lax fifty cities wuts next volume thrizzy,

Then december twenty second south central state of mizzy,

I bet a hundred thousand that I fuck up the city,

The king of L.A. is young Nipsey,

And if I'm not I'm so hot I feel I got that right,

A nigga slept him that day and he got shot that night,

Choices to consequences if I chip him it's life,

So gettin back for me is like... fuckin his wife,

Imagine that to transition from slauson to my position got a deal went to jail my bro wus fresh up out of prison,

And niggas looked like I fuck off wut I was givin,

But the truth is I'm not used to this new way I make my livin,

And since I can't rewind back to dime sacks and shoot outs and cadillacs a young nigga gotta rap,

And goin through it I still knew that I was that nigga plus the walls on my condo need a plack,

Look I'm a all money in CEO,

Witch meens that fly money is the life I chose

I'm a fly money all money in individual,

Pullin racks out for a little bit of visual,

Independent money but they swear we some criminals,

CEO a couple mills is wut 'm gettin to,

And I'm all ways workin deals in the livin room,

Cannin dirty money still I think we need a bigger room,

And when they see me they say quick wut do that nigga do,

Bu they can tell that I'm all about some revenues,

Spend quick never sit like residue,

A rock will show these niggas wut my good credit do,

700 or higher u can't clone that,

Heard u on a record label already owns that,

Something bout Brodee I ain't never gave a loan back,

Never had to pay that,

Get that money asap,

Had a big dream like pushin up in a maybach,

On my J Brown shit yea the big payback,

Dirty money were I'm from never should u trase that,

And we coppin property u losin we replace that,

And I'm on,

Friendinesh put that on the sinernet,

All money in I'm droppin after Nip ain't that some shit,

They can't believe it's not butter,

The nigga in the mix like apple pucker,

Fresh off the movie set phil in her hooters next,

Wut the fuck did u expect,

Nigga we the best like fuck the rest,

I whip a bitch I hit the switch I'm the shit yea I admit I'm a dog I'm a ass I last,

That nigga bust fast he trash,

'm gone n them upper rooms,

Dodgin all them dummy dudes,

Duckin all them sucker niggas,

Gotta get toughe nigga,

I try to tell u lil mama I ain't that other nigga,

Wait wholed up them niggas got me fucked up,

Talkin bout I lucked,

Up really wut the fuck is up,

Back on that bullshit gettin my Mr. Hanky on,

Duck duck deuce nigga,

Who the fuck is u nigga,

Flyer than a sum bitch I run shit,

Naw I ain't the CEO but I be in them videos,

Fuckin all them groupie hos,

I'm nigga douby toe,

Wings spread watch em shed nigga yeaarly,

Nigga grizzly like the bear be wearly,

Nigga spend money like a bitch breath air,

U know the feelin when u on weell I'm their welcome to all money in grab a chair

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