Nick Cave

Nick Cave - Time Jesum Transeuntum Et Non Riverentum

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We were called to the forest and we went down

A wind blew warm and eloquent

We were searching for the secrets of the universe

And we rounded up demons and forced them to tell us, what it all meant?

We tied them to trees and broke them down, one by one

On a scrap of paper they wrote these words

And as we read them, the sun broke through the trees

"Dread the passage of Jesus, for he will not return"

Then we headed back to our world and left the forest behind

Our hearts singing with all the knowledge of love

But somewhere, somehow, we lost the message along the way

And when we got home, we bought ourselves a house

And we bought a car that we did not use

And we bought a cage and two singing birds

And at night we'd sit and listen to the canary's song

For we'd both run right out of words

Now the stars they are all angled wrong

And the sun and the moon refuse to burn

But I remember a message in a demon's hand

"Dread the passage of Jesus, for he does not return"

He does not return, he does not return

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