News - Bridgit Mendler promotes her new single Forgot to Laugh

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The new single "Forgot to Laugh" is included in the debut album "Hello My Name Is..", which is to be released on October 22, 2012 through Hollywood Records.

"Forgot to laugh" songwriters are Goldstein, Andrew Maxwell/Kiriakou, Emanuel Steve'Mendler, Bridgit Claire/Bogart and Evan Kidd.

Disney's star track is pure pop, shiny, a pop-rock anthem. “When I read your face, it’s like a screen door / I can see right through, your heart’s a window,” Bridgit sings over a strummed guitar.

“If you drive away, hope you get a flat tire, get stranded / if it’s goodbye today, know you’re leaving here empty-handed / ’cause I got my own life and you’re just a punchline / if you go, you’re a joke, I forgot to laugh,” the pop-star sings.

Her debut song from the album was "Ready or Not" that was promoted on August 7, 2012.
"Hello My Name Is.." album will have an "acoustic, soulful jazzy funky sort of thing."

Listen to Mendler’s new track, “Forgot To Laugh” (Official Lyric Video).