NEW ORDER - Working Overtime

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Who's that over there

Looks like he dont care

Almost lost his time

Too much working overtime

Gotta get up every night

Sit against an open wide

Gonna get away from here

Take that car and push that gear

You turn me in no one

He's the rising sun

He wont share no tears

Got no time to break down here, Hey!

He's going nowhere fast

Just a piece of dirty trash

All alone by himself

He dont need nobody else

Walking down the street

So much going on

People everywhere

Look at him but they dont care

See that world out there

Make it go away

You can change his mind

Too much working overtime

Hey! overtime


He crossed that wicked line

In trouble all the time

Where did it all go wrong

Hands easy all night long

All those girls out there

Looking for the one

Do they really care

Could they just be having fun

He did all he could

Try to get it right

Somewhere he went wrong

Too much working overtime

Hey! overtime


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