NEW ORDER - Ultraviolence

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Who saw those dark eyes<br>Who saw those dark eyes<br>These years gone by<br>Deep within<br>Burn my skin<br>All those years gone by<br>In the heat of the night<br>All those years gone by<br><br>Who felt those cold hands<br>Who felt those cold hands<br>Touch my skin<br>Deep within<br>Burn my soul<br>Fell to the ground<br>Where I was found<br>All those years ago<br>All those tears ago<br>All those years ago<br><br>Everybody makes mistakes<br>Everybody makes mistakes<br>Even me<br>Just be free<br>This is a place<br>Where in the end<br>It happens in<br>Our world within<br><br>Time to go<br>Time to go

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