NEW ORDER - Nothing But A Fool

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I saw her face in a dream last night

And it hurt so much, yes, it hurt so much

She was in my mind, as I drank my wine

And now I count the costs, of the one I lost

She went away to a different place

And she was neva to return

Whateva happened to that girl?


Sometimes u don't know what you've got

U think u're better than the rest

And the world belongs to you

But u're nothin' but a fool

If u can hold her in ur hands

If u can feel her in ur heart

Don't eva let her run away

Don't eva let her drift away

Cos' it will break u later on

When you're left there on ur own

Don't eva let her slip away

Don't eva let her drift away

(Verse 2)

It's a cryin' shame, it caused so much pain

It's sad that way, it was me that day

Cos' I turned u away, like I didn't know who u were

I was such a fool, I was so cruel

And the years went by, and without a word of lie

I still luv u, but what can I do?

(Chorus x2)

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