NEW ORDER - Behind Closed Doors

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There is a secret place

Underneath a tree

Where if you go and haste

You will find a key

The key will open doors

And you will look inside

The things that you will see

Will open up your eyes

At any given time

On every other street

The city comes to life

Though everyone's asleep

A man beats up his wife

He doesn't wanna keep

Behind closed doors

They're in retreat

I don't know what makes me stay

The city life just ain't the same

There's something wrong with kids today

I blame the parents anyway

There's no hope

No one to trust

I can't cope

It's obvious

Please don't take my drugs away

I'm gonna give them up someday

There is a place somewhere

That I could call a home

I'd live without a care

I'd never be alone

One day I will get there

I feel it in my bones

I check upon the scores

I listen to The Coors

Behind closed doors

Behind closed doors

Behind closed doors

Behind closed doors

They still want more

Behind closed doors

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