Nelson - Back In The Day

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We take it in at the movies,

Your catch us on TV,

All your latest and grestest scams,

are the flavor of the week,

So your confused by that retro sound,

Why it just keep comin’ back around,


Back in the day,

We vowed we could do the impossible,

Back in the day,

All our dreams were simply unstoppable,

Back in the day,

You went and lowered the standards ,

And thought we never knew,

Well you can hell shit a thousand times,

But it still won’t make it through,

You still can't make us walk away,

From a soundtrack that still sounds great


Back in the day,

We were free to be anything we wanted to,

Back in the day

Back in the day

We believed that was nothin’ that we couldn’t do,

Before they taught us to fear to fly,

Before we sold out and ceased to try

The radio was our saving grace

Our hero showed us the way,

Back in the day

(our classic forty five's,

Got nothing less than a time machine,

Press play to spin and climb right in

And take that trip to what you need)

They wake us up and see us through,

We are ten feet tall and bulletproof,

won't know what to do without that songs we play,

From Back in the day,

Back in the day,

Back in the day ,

When we were nothing short of incredible,

We wrote the song that got us through,

Made us 10 feet tall and bulletproof,

Yeah they make me like they made you,

Those magic songs they played,

For back in the day.

Thanks to Ava for correcting these lyrics

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