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Naughty By Nature - World Go Round lyrics

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Check it out. I heard this track right here and I kind of felt a lil'

somethin'. You know. It took my mind some place it ain't been.Search deep

into another world. So I'm trying to figure out what make this world go

round. For real. People are stressin'.


Oh how oh how come everytime we have problems they nix none

Sending people to other plants when they still ain't fix this one

Victims from a distance prections of affliction

Some faction cause frictions fractions need fixinng

Mixing making music man to make it work

Some sticking shakin' bruisin' damn just ta brake a purse

It's worse misguided some guttered locked on the block

Cause the cops can't be trusted

Busted trusted frustrated frustrations of no more patience

Insides are cold and vacant check how we lay it

Why when we speak they try to stifle our breath

Cock a rifle to chest

Then ya have the party of your life at your death

Oh I wanna know I wanna know

Oh why, oh why is it the good that have to go

And they tell us that's just how this life goes

So I look at the kids and wonder where their life might go

Get high to tell ya low that's how its done on the bricks

We all mad at the world when the world ain't done shit

Just the people in it and the scavengers who function

Who destroy the earth then blame the earth for its malfunctions

And getting maybe a tad bit too deep to follow

But the black form is strong and far from being hollow

Why do we get so much into this Freeing Willy

When Willy is already free

He and them ain't doing shit to free my city

And it's a pity for those who can't get the nitty gritty

That's when the gritty gets grimy and the wicked gets witty

So much pain on the brain can't restrain

Place the comma too much drama but I'll bleed to please my momma

So I'm a strive to perfection leave pride in slum sections

Keep wit my crew and make all due connections


But but but but but that's what makes the world go round

The axis like a carouse


Oh how the ways?

Nowadays baby's coming from spitting out momma's nipple

From the cradel to the killa leaving corspe and cripples

A Brooklyn boy dies shot by a cop for a play gun

Our kids days are up even if they ain't stray ones

You lay one or two on the more now the merrier the day's dumb

When crews war and now streets get scarier cops hit blocks saying we'll

beat 'em

Into freedom then we feel robbed like there's no God

When we need him

So we act accordingly cause we dont' see enjoyment

The only line ofbusiness I'm offered is unemployment

So we gots to get ours and ours gotta get it

And it is what it be so see that I'm with this

Media haas us believin' they hype

Don't pull out ya new shoes cause only the bad news is good news

Farrakahn wants us to take the streets back time to take it

Before our whole race is stripped naked


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