Naughty By Nature

Naughty By Nature - Uptown Anthem lyrics

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Verse one: treach

Heyyou could smoke a spliff with a cliff

But there's still no mountain hiiiigh enoughor wide enough to touch

The naughty nappy nasty nigga the nasty trashy hoe happy pappy

That's happi to be nappi

Me and vin rock when spots hit flocks

And groups and troops with timbo boots and jail suits

That's how I'm rollin my hair-do don't

Win I will I got wantin competition ain't dope

Beat ya break ya broke ya smoke ya take ya

Send you to your little group on mutesooner or later

When wanna fliptell em full semi half with a dip

And all that other ringling brothers shit

Sporty naughty hi bye greater than nature while i

Shin slam the flim flim and then jam

You can run but you can't hideyou can't go far

No matter where you gothere you are

Chorus: repeat 2x

We gonna breakwe gonna bash

We gonna rollwe gonna smash

Verse two: treachvinnie

Here we go yo

Hit a nigga kill a nigga will come back

See a sucker stretch a sucker guard your naps

Cussin wasn't nothin til a black man rapped

See a forty suck a forty guess who's back

You're chillin with a teddy fillin villian

Steppin to the puny puddy punks catchin fillings

I hit so many gutscall me gutterI'm the bread and butter

Punk motherfucker I'll cut upworkin from the gut up

Brand new steadyheavy as a chevy

Ready for the piddy peddyI'm friddie freddie

Place your bet on a vetthe three man threat

What you see is what you get


Verse three: treach

Comin round your corner with my uptown bunch

I bet your bottom dollar that you're bottom buck chumps

Give it upit's a juice thing I'm steppin for the rep and

Wreckin all the rest andweapon testin on who's steppin

Ain't no bluff for the niggy nufffor the rugged ruff stuff

Nigga if you're tough knuckle up

I'll cut your ass like classthen blast you by the trash

After I laugh then I'll dash

You can't handle the scandal of an uptown vandal

Shootin up your toes makin sandals

Somebody told me that you owe mebut can't nobody hold me

I do my dirt all by my lonely


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