Naughty By Nature

Naughty By Nature - The Blues

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Check itlife sure hurts with your dick in the dirt

Witcha thang in a sling from the work of a skirt

Balls turned black to blue from a tease or two

Well one tease is a fewsave your balls from the blues


You're givin me the blues (the bluesthe blues)

Girl I got the blues (it's all because of you)

It's all because of you (I've got emI've got em)

And those freaky things you do (let me tell you a story)

As we leave the clubyou know what's up

Thinkin I'm gettin somedamn was I so dumb

Take her to the crib.. thinkin I'm gon' live

But you gotall these excuses

How you've heard about me.. and you're not ready sexually

After you done teasin meyou want to leave

Say it isn't trueI'm so excited by you

Don't know what to doyou've given me the blues

I've got em


One of the best hoesand so'sat my crib spot

Got the vessels in my testicles stopped on gridlock

Now why you wanna touch under drawers and tease treach

If I bust you better duck or get your whole weave wet

Wanna shoot loose the juicesthe best of hooches

Blue balls is the sewagefrom shit excuses

Now from the first faceon the first datewhat?

Five datesthen we do itstill'll be the first fuck

You wanna come and touchrun and duckyou're tricky

Take a hickie come for moby dickand slip a mickie

You came foul and phonyyou left me lonely

So when I'm stiff and boneyI go and think about naomi

With my hand as my homeyuhh!


You!!!! you've given me the blues

Girl I've got the blues (look what you did!)

It's all because of you

And those freaky things you do (ohhh yeahh)



You wore panties all fancy with that sheet shit over it

Nuts tend to lock after an hour and you notice

Female cause charlie horse in my shorts

Nuts beggin me to leave you in the worst part of newark

Then I thought of a plan and you called me a pervert

Shithurtin and you beefin cause I want you to jerk it?

I wish I knew your booty call was a coochie brawl

I woulda had a better ball at the booty bar

Balls swole like a bowl with my dick in the dirt

Shoulda wait til you got up and went and jumped in your purse

See you felt below the beltwhile I kiss it you hug it

Ain't come to suck or fuck itshit you ain't have to touch it

My thang was cooltakin a nap on my lap

Then you rub it til my balls catch a cramp from the back

Smoke the tight sacksport the nightcapyou spoke it right back

Balls black and bluenuts stingin like a spiked bat

You ain't right rat! damn! damn!


You're givin me the blues

Girl I've got the blues (said I've got the blues)

[treach] wit yo' teasin ass

It's all because of you

[treach] you know what? you ain't leavin

And those freaky things you do

[treach] get your hatget your coat

[treach] your purseand get out!!

You're givin me the blues

Girl I've got the blues (is it the blues)

It's all because of you (no no no no no no no)

And those freaky things you do (I have the blues)

Ohhohhoh-ohhohhuhoh-ohh oahhhh

Uhoh-ohh oahhhuh uh uh uh

Ohhohhoh-ohhohhuhoh-ohh oahhhh..

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