Naughty By Nature

Naughty By Nature - Ring The Alarm lyrics

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[Chorus x2]

Ring the alarm

Jersey bring the bitch out the bastards

Woah yeah

We get cash in wit bass D.O.A.

You'll find that higher Brick City D.O.A.

[Verse 1]

It just ain't yo time yet, and you still claimin rhyme vet

Criticise us when yo bitch ass ain't even signed yet

Instincts is mental, some bitch stinkin gentle

Go reshine yo symbol and rethink yo demo

If fifth was a fifth we'd both be drunk

And if it hurt my shit he'd be dead in the trunk

Fuck the funk, pass the puck

And parade on Upper Lassgate

The charge in the city is still perform for Petacky

In that case it must be Naughty for life

Shout out to all my niggas doin 20 to life

I trust fools about as far as I can see you tricks

So fuck you wit 2, think quick I don't need you jinx (Ha!)

CHORUS x2 [Replace Jersey with Westside on repeat]

[Verse 2]

Spoke the mic and let you kiss of death

Smokin MCs before they have a chance to take one breath

I got the shit to blow right through yo vest

Any nigga thinkin they wanna step 2 this, jump and test

Naughty's been known for bringin major niggas max of stress

Never want us in yo party cos we crack yo set

Little juvenile delinquent gets a classic vet

Somebody come and grab yo child before I snap his neck

Uuh! Yeah! You motherfuckers disgrace me

I'll make money but the money don't make me

Niggas like you be always actin so flakey

Chess while you runnin round yo hood, don't shake ya

Crowd puts it down on the level above

It's international called Illtown love

Witness this motherfucker just turn the mic on

I spit this shit from my bitches who get they dyke on, rap pawns

CHORUS x2 [Replace Jersey with Midwest on repeat]

[Verse 3]

Jerry taps some more caps, ooh where you goin

Reapin in somebody half six in the mornin

Whoo, and the rollin deep with they gat in they hand

With they wars canine, and they batterin rams

Somebody that got them mad

Bitch rollin through the front fence, strollin through my back

If Vin move the llello, continue to lay low

You try to fuck me now you've been doe rubbin day hoe

Could've been on the payroll, but you wanna play bro

So muthafuck you and tell the captain I say so

I'll show you the master you dick writin bastard

My lawyer's so good, she gonna be workin in Alaska

CHORUS x2 [Replace Jersey with Eastside on repeat]

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