Naughty By Nature

Naughty By Nature - Rhyme'll Shine On lyrics

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Verse 1: Treach

I'ma shine on, time to climb on

Stun me with R&B harmony

So far, first to the O-R

Hand the bill until paid is a coastguard

The sonar, sounds that will throw your

feet, to no more, no tour, show more

First ability, deeper agility

No harassment, pass the humility

A new style blessed with a few styles

Rhyme'll shine on, I'm on a new prowl

Clap your hands in the evening

Come on y'all, say "It's alright" before leavin

I like a party, overpumped and lovely

All who flow, show, you think you love me

Bow in the balcony, say "Owwwwww" for me (Owwwww)

Now dance, so shall we?

All night long to a long, good, strong song

Hug, the rhyme'll shine on much stronger

A tougher chart buster went tutta

Summer, been back thru another

Autumn, I'm callin ya all in

and fallin off like a soft man stallin

A party's live and it dies it when I'm gone

I'm born to see that the rhyme'll shine on

Break: (x2)

(*Clap your hands this evening

Come on ya'll, uhh, say it's alright

Clap your hands this evening

Come on y'all, say it's alright*)

Verse 2: Treach

>From the tongue of a great one, I'm prepared for basin

Many are waitin, ain't in to tastin

a song which is on and long but still cock-strong

Wit an R&B cross on

A switch tip, diff'rent from the last hit

Uniquely Yorky, groovy and graphic

A new rap? This is more than just that

When I'm back, you know I'm strapped wit hot tracks

And in fact, it takes the break to shake that

hottie of a body, waitin to get snatched

Put a dip to the hip then come back wit

some ol' new improved holy

Lyrics loaded, love now, let a man live

Dave, put the keys to the crib........

Aphrodite join the party

Interlude: Aphrodite

Driftin on the memories

Nature's in the place to be wit R&B

Heh heh hehhhhhh

Wait and see, oh well

And I'm rockin, the rhyme'll shine on thru

Just for you

Verse 3: Treach

Straight from the soulful, smoother ruler

Doin my thing, many and whatever I choose ta

Involve the self in, many are meltin

Stop before you start, your little heart ain't helpin

The situation, knockin the nation

Hip-hop will pop pop pop the population

Praise is profits, systems knock it

Who? But this ain't as smooth as I get

A 90-man clan, a slam jam, bam stand

and I can can, play and cram fans

in any form or fashion, time for the cashin

Throw em rhythm and rappin

Half of half of even their half, then half of that half

I smash when I rap

Or quick, I stick to a hit like an iron-on

Oh what for? Cos the rhyme'll shine on

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