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Naughty By Nature - Let The Ho's Go lyrics

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Verse 1: Treach

Bass me, face me, task the tip of a tastey

Bitches are sweet as a pastry

You don't know me homey, from a peach or a pony

I'm the Only, now your lyrics look lonely

Lyrically fortified, born, I'm immortalised

Lightin shit up from Wranglers to raw hides

Packed with black positivity and wizardry

I'm my own body and it built for partyin

I rip hearts apart as if it's my last rap

the lords abroad and I represent that ass dat

shows seniority, lays the foundation

Bolos and donuts, oh I built the nation

Keep the faith tastin, keep the touch clutched

Keep your face way away from the rough stuff

If it ain't rough it ain't rugged

Either you are born with none or you're stacked or star-studded

>From the intro to end I will flow

and aslo, yo come let the ho's go


Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho (Let the ho's go)

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho

Verse 2: Treach

Meet my friend Mac 10, sittin backpacked and mackin

Thirsty for action, workin and smackin

The last of the allies, smoke em up shall I

or should I? I'm sure to give it a good try

No need for a survival kit, there's none left to fix

They've all been blown into dust bits

Floatin in space, spinnin in infinity

Part of the start is the end of any identity

Lost in the source, no cause, so the boss gettin off

East, the West, the South, break North

You'll bite as my chew, as a guard duckin a graveyard

Actin is for actors so you rap but don't you play hard

I got the Mac to wax and I ain't tryin to fall back

I rap like I'm the tops, stay real cos I'm all that

It's my way on a highway, forget your friends

cos I stick that ass like cowboys stickin a contact lens

Let the ho's go


Verse 3: Treach

You say you're hittin hard, huh, I say you're hardly hittin

I grip ya quick like a pussy in a kitten mitten

I'm gettin grand and greater, sucker catch ya later

He gettin paid with the fade of a Space Invader

You lookin Moonstruck, fear, start to talkin tough

then sayin "sorry" like I really give a motherfuck

You're little late, don't you think that was the wrong approach-a?

A sqwuab by the name of Treach is sure to up and smoke ya

At anytime, anywhere, for any wanted cause

I got a double-barrelled pump that's sayin "Give me yours"

Then I'ma dash in a flash, duck and go for cover

Cos I have one for this robbery and many others

Another gangster, no I'm like an angry ecker

Droppin you and gettin mad if you don't say "Thankyer"

The clip clockin killers, and plus my county crew

I gotta clutch, I'll clean your life, naw not after you

So don't try ta hide or apologise

Apologies and go meet a French eyes is wise

So if you know what I mean and have a hop block

and never ever seen a day when the money stops

You gotta put up your fists, just to let me know

Ain't I gotta pump it hard to let the ho's go

Let the ho's go


Verse 4: Treach

Competition on canvas, never have I heard the tongue

Throw a watch at me without it being fuckin hung

Give it a new style, neck him up and keep him learning

Should've had projects in the days of Mississippi Burning

I let her see the white sheet hit the concrete

and see that head go off and down from a thousand feet

Cos the brother's around me don't even play all that

They see a sheet and a cross, they say "Oh, gimme that"

Halloween in Illtown and don't you be a ghost

Cos you get your broke or even worst smoked

Now this rhyme is regard' lyrically low cold

But it had to have the flow to let the ho's go

Let the ho's go

Chorus extended

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