Naughty By Nature

Naughty By Nature - Hot Potato

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[ Freddie Foxxx ]

Mic check 1-2, strap it up, load the beat, cock the mic

And your rhyme better be fat, or you might have to fight

Yeah, there's no escape from the terrordome

You know I'm nice when I'm bustin fat rhymes on the metronome

MC's never pass the mic to the Foxxx, cause

Once I bust a fat rhyme, you be a has-was

I beat you down on stage and when the battle's over

You'll be leaving your show in a hearse Nova

I'm flippin the x's three times and I'm back again

See, on my way down stage they had me strapped in

But once I hit New York and they losened the chains

I went and bought me a Tec, now I'm wild, insane

I'm on a hunt for a rapper who wanna turn singer

I got my beat-em-down bat and a itchy finger

So if you're nice with the mic and you wanna flip

I'm the rap bounty hunter and it's time to get yo ass whipped

Yeah, I'm comin from the streets, pop

And please fight back, so you can get dropped

It's time to see who's nice and who can really rap

I smack the taste out your mouth, you wanna be a mack

I'm not tryin to shake the water and wake the gator

But I'ma pass the mic like a hot potato

1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4

(1 - 2 - 3- 4)

[ Treach ]

You fly high...

I heard your tape, then flipped the next side lookin for the def side

You couldn't be alright if I erased your left side

Who's wet dried when Treach tried, next died

I'm gonna slide your wet wide, so step side

Any dull raps get the skull caps pulled back full breeze

Blastin your ass back at full speed

Hoes in flow, you know, bimbo

And won't stop prayin and playin until I'm layin up in fo'

Nowhere to run, nowhere to go

I got a solid hip below the belt to make your nuts not grow

Here's to all crews that been wack

I got a thinkin cap with raps I attached with a chin strap

Flash past your girl who's def in the flesh

Yes, you can't believe that she said "Treach"

The wicked-a-wicked-a-wully-bully

Bad and fully and surely bad

Ready and willy gettin ???? glad

Dissed in hell and fell in fire

I attack your back, force you to retire with a wet wire

Give you the whip appeal like Toby

Listen, oldie but goldie

Take the dough from all who owe me

1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4

(1 - 2 - 3- 4)

[ Freddie Foxxx ]

If a rapper disrespect me I smack him in his mouth

I tow him in a yoke, grab him by his throat - boom! then I knock him out

I keep heat and keep the clips in my sock

When my glock get hot you punk niggas better leave the block

Yeah, Freddie Foxxx on a rampage

Every time I touch the mic the police is standin front stage

Cause I been labelled as a troublemaker

I send my baddest girl to your house to play the heart breaker

She'll lay you down and put hickeys on your chest

Then turn around and blast you with a .33 shot Tec

You couldn't rap, you was wack from the get-go

So you got bumped off by my head hoe

Called by the Militant Mack, my mentality is jail

Long as I'm strapped I can't fail

Check this, I take the bass and I bust you in the eye with it

A piece of steel with a screen on top, I'm gettin fly with it

I'm bringin suckers to the street again

Cause them same broke-ass niggas ridin on my meat again

Mr. Microphone flipped the beat again

Suckers got caught with the rhyme, felt the heat again

I'm breakin it down, lettin you know I'm never lettin go

I beat your brother down, punk, just to let you know

This is hip-hop, gee, not 'hit pop'

You mess around with the beats, get your boots knocked

I'ma slide, I'm in her when I see you suckers later

As I pass the mic like a hot potato

1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4

(1 - 2 - 3- 4)

[ Treach ]

Shrimps attempt to get pimped when playin pimp, why

Sleepin with a limp eye

Pass the hot potato, Treach done ???? chop to french fries

Mad as a murder vet, man, it'll hurt a set

Well, to hell with you and your fat-o with the gurtle neck

So ol' golddigger, dig some dirt, there you have it

Want ring or a marriage, go get the carrot from a rabbit

Before I stab him for his lucky foot

Hit him with a puffy hook, hit the hare, now look how lucky looks

I'm not a chip on your shoulder, I'm a boulder on a path

Left a gash, you catch a headache in your ass

Class I'm disrespectin, I won't see you trippin, clown

Shh - when I do, you be trippin, slippin and fallin down

All's left to call cops

When I smack you with a leather wig and make you suckers suede bald spots

Chip-chop, flip the hip-hop, I chuckle

You couldn't knock boots with a muthafuckin knuckle

It's on, what's more, talk and get a boo-boo from your jaw

It's easy as 1-2-3-4

1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4

(1 - 2 - 3- 4)

[ Treach ]

That's what I'm talkin 'bout

Word up

4 potatos

4 verses

Some hard rough stuff for all those hungry MC's out there, youknowmsayin?

[ Freddie Foxxx ]

Yeah baby

Nothin commercial about this

The Militant Mack in the house

And I got a right hand for all that try to stand in my face and front

Believe that

And I'm comin straight from the streets

Word up

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