Naughty By Nature

Naughty By Nature - Hip - Hop Hooray lyrics

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You drew a picture of my morning

But you couldn't make my dayhey!

I'm rockin' and you're yawning

But you never look my wayhey!

I'm lickin down you darlin'

In every single wayhey!

Your funny flow is foreign

And a green card's on the way!


This ain't got shit to do wit shampoo

But watch your head n shoulders brother older bold enough to fold ya

Yo I told ya a raid afraid of what I made

Plus played a funky fit so save ya flips

Plus tricks for that music plus the monkey bit.


Triggas from the grilltown illtown

Some ask how it feels

How the deal is that we're real so we're still around

Don't lamp wit a freestyle phantom ain't tryin' to be handsome

Shrinkin' what ya thinkin' cause I'm vampin'


I live and die for hip hop

This is hip hop for today

I give props to hip hop so hip hop hooray...



You heard a lot about a brother gaining mo' ground

Being low down I do the showdown wit' any little ho roundno!

I wanna know who you're believing through you're funny reasons

Even when I'm sleeping you think I'm cheatin'

You said I know you're mr. o.p.p. man yo pp man won't only see me man

You should've known that I was wit if a bit when I ain't hit it

And step not to consider the rep heck!

I did your partner cause she's hot as a baker cause I'm naughty by nature

Not cause I hate cha!

You put your heart in a part of a part that spreads apart

Even though I forgave ya when you had a spark.

You try to act like something really big is missing

Even though my name's graffiti written on your kitten

I love black women always and disrespect ain't the way

Let's start a family today hip hop hooray...ho...hey!

Hip hop hip hip hop hip hip hop hooray!

There's many hungry hip hoppers one reason hip hop's

Hip top today swerve what cha heard

Cause I ain't bailing no hey ain't choppin no crops

But still grownin ever day!


Here's a thunder sound from the wonders found

From the underground town down the hill

Feel how illtown drown smiles to frowns

Snatchin' crowns from clowns beat downs are found

Don't know me don't come around.

Tippy tippy (pause)

Tippy tippy (pause)

Sometimes creepin' up I eat em up

Your style is older than lou rawls!

Peace to this one and that one and them

That way I shout out and I didn't miss one friend

Fools get foolish neither them or parker lewis knew us

You could have crews wit shoes and can't step to us

Some kitty purr I call em sir too

Any trick that diss gets a curfew

I put my projects for boots step through troops and leave proof

My problem solvers name is mook!

I hittin' woodys in a hoody

Peace to jesettejobetejo-jogenaeand every hood gee!

That's right my fight is ill

Peace goes to l.o.n.s. and questnice & smooth & cypress hill

I live and die for hip hop

This is hip hop of today

I give props to hip hop so hip hop hooray...ho...hey...ho!

Smooth it out now!

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