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Naughty By Nature - Get To Know Me Better lyrics

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Get to know me better <i>[x8]</i>

I want to get to know you better <i>[x3]</i>

Come here girl what's your name, you got me goin insane, see what's between them thies sweet as mammas cherry pie, can't lie I must admit straight up I'm on a heel, we'll have alot of fun, I'll blow that like bubble gum

We can dip out of the back of the club with a bottle of bub you can bring your girlfriends too. and we can get buck wild in your town of p town cause I can flip many style

You can find out you played with toys until you had a naughty boy. I bet you I can get it wetter just get to know me better


Now we've passed introduction, I wanna see you function, that booty looks so boss lemme see you show it off. ain't know how much it hurt I'm flippin dirty boys we be so fly put it down for double I

The punani da da da da da da I got a rep as a rida I'm a rida gotta lotta vodka, gotta x gotta tech on the side, you ain't fat girl I love me a wide

Shit skinny mini dicky icky nordy shorty tall and tall and sticky V12 ridin in a v8 the D to the R to the E.A to C.H

You know me better that that


Come here girl now bounce to this drink another round that is go ahead girl I like the sound of this we gon' shut the party down with this <i>[x2]</i>

So listen loud and clear this song is outta here it's causin major buzz had us joined up in the club this streak can't help but win we hot all ov' again were all they're talkin bout actin like we first came out

Or I hit her witta kitten mitten hit miss then she says she loved that I was thinkin different, squishy squashy knot kneed bolegged wishy washy from toe nails to fo' head


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