Mustasch - Unsafe At Any Speed

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We´ve been around for so long

The wheels of time keep turning

The hall of fame

Our final destination of this journey

Well I´m a man trapped in this band

And now I´m tour resistant

Believe me now cause I don´t whine

But I want a careful ride

You will remember our name

Cause we´ll lead the way

Don´t you think that you´re safe

We´ll come for you again

It´s been a hard day´s night

To qualify for pole position

But as time goes by

Reality turns into fiction

Endless days and lonely nights

That´s all that´s left for me

If you´re not buckled up you´re

Unsafe at our speed

Rain is falling while we´re boarding

I don´t know where we are going

Rain keeps falling while we´re boarding

We attend a never ending tour

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