Mustasch - Lone Song (Reclusion) lyrics

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I´m sitting by the phone

Like so many times before

I´m waiting for a call

But I don´t know what it´s for

A pale blue light the moon

From outside it fills my room

As I sit here in this gloom

And I rise to face my doom

I don´t get any answers here

What can I say

Could you cover me please

Can´t you see how I feel

I just need some love

But I´m on my own

I´m walking in the snow

It is Christmas and I´m alone

I don´t know where I´m going

But I´m bound to get there soon

And my destiny lies near

So near but still unclear

In all my greatest fears

It´s present now and here

I am holding the answers here

I know what´s right

Got to hang up the phone

I was born on my own

I just got to be strong

I don´t need your love

I´m on my own

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