You are cordially invited to experience the sonic union of two of hip hop's most promising young artists: Murs and 9th Wonder. Having shook up the rap world last year with their critically acclaimed albums, Murs' The End of the Beginning & Little Brother's The Listening, they now team up to bring what guarantees to be one of 2004's most impactful hip hop releases. Murs 3:16 - The 9th edition is soulful and introspective, hilarious as well as shockingly realistic; a refreshingly honest look at the world from a young artist who's been recording and self releasing hip hop records for almost 10 years. This record represents Murs best work to date - 10 concise, to the point, new millennium hip hop tracks for the heads and is thoroughly rooted in the classic hip hop tradition. A true road warrior, Murs has an insatiable appetite for rocking shows and is constantly winning new fans and in 2003, knocked out 200+ shows from the Vans Warped Tour with Atmosphere to the more recent Bazooka Tooth tour w/ Aesop Rock. And instead of going home to the west coast to lick his wounds and count his money, , our road weary hero then took up residence in Durham, North Carolina for a few weeks taking all the energy and experiences of the past year and using it to create this new masterpiece. Guaranteed to solidify his place as a permanent fixture in hip hop community, this record oozes integrity and inspiration. 9th Wonder, fresh off producing the standout banger "The Threat" on Jay-Z's Black Album, provides consistently blazing production throughout the entire record, creating the perfect canvas upon which Murs paints pictures from his world for the listener - from shows and life on the road; to love and life in Mid City Hell; to his history and how he came up in the hip hop scene. We here at Definitive Jux all know what an amazing character Murs is, and with each release the rest of the world is getting to know him as well. We're honored to have this chance to present such a dynamic, incredible record. Please enjoy.