Mr. Shadow

Since 1997's "Til I Die" Mr. Shadow has provided the streets with an overflow of speaker-smashing bangers. Classics cuts like "Till I Die", "Take Yo Bit**", "Kan't Hide From Shadow", "Westside" and "Haters" are just a chip off the block of the street anthems that Mr. Shadow has created within the last 6 years At the young age of 10, Mr. Shadow would be exposed to the neighborhood raps of Knightowl, who at the time was still considered a local rapper from the Westside of San Diego. After a couple of years of observing what would be a life time influence, Shadow decided that he wanted to follow the path of his senior homeboy. At 12 years old, he sits down in his room at his mom's house, puts a pen down to paper, and writes his first rap to the extended version of "Atomic Dog" After four years of writing a countless amount of lyrics, Shadow felt like his raps were now ready to be taken into a recording studio. He obtained a beat from producer V.M.F. and wrote his first fully produced song, "Till I Die". Within days of recording the song Shadow would take it a step further by putting the song to the ultimate test. He hops in the car and takes the song to San Diego's local radio station Z-90 where he bumped into Lisa Vasquez, who at the time was the program director for the radio station. Although it was a non-business day, she took the song into her office for a listen. A couple of minutes later she comes out and tells Shadow, "You have three minutes to call your family and tell them that your song is going to be on the radio." In all, the positive reaction to his song was what he needed to know that he had more than a shot at reaching his dream. With only one song recorded, Shadow would book his first live performance with the help of Lisa Vasquez. He jumps in the van along with Lighter Shade of Brown and they cross the border to rock a packed house in T.J., Mexico. Since then, he has sold over 200,000 albums and has performed with Knightowl, Lil One, Amanda Perez, Baby Beesh, Frost, G Fellas and Rose Royce.
Mr. Shadow's ultimate motivation is to set an example to future generations by showing them that all goals are within reach as long as focus and determination are maintained