M.o.p. - G Building lyrics

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Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh [Lil Fame] I'm back and I'm stuck up in this bitch [who dat?] Me bitch [who dat?] The Brooklyn thug, what the fuck you see bitch? I'm known for regulatin this game, fuck a critic Cuz when I'm spittin, I'ma split your shitit When I aim, yo you try to get a name But aint, provin a thang I'm still doin my thang,[go head] bells they still ring [uh huh] Now who the lame that wan' tango with Lil Fame Step in the ring and I'll break yo' ass up like Mills Lane [AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!] How you like me now? That *Kool Moe P* shit, nigga, put it down Yo I need a silencer gat, shit too loud When that bitch start to holla, nigga do child Made the church people on your block wanna move out I bump off and I dump off, and a nigga cool out Why? Cuz when we in the place with the guns in our waist We don't say put your hands up, niggas stand up You gotta get it, cuz you now listen Dump off your body ?til your whole family die fishin? The street mayor, ghetto street playa Hit your hooker with this heavy dick meat playa ass cheek flare Fuck the fame!, I agree fuck the fame But I got four words for ya, don't fuck with Fame Cuz I'm a machine gun kelley, clappa dude Write my name across your belly, DRDRDRDRDRDRDRDR yap a dude! Aint no escapin these streets I'm raised in It's so amazin, we still blazin Aint no savin yo' ass from hell raisin They be strippin your cantelope off the pavement Wit yo' wig split in half and your chest caved in So walk on the green, I'ma cut yo' ass down if you walk in between So listen up and hear me boy, I'm the American [slash!] pretty boy HOOK: First Fam, ridiculous Violaters try to get with us, we quick to bust Them false dudes can't get wit us Hoes grillin cuz we too tough, too real, too raw, too rough First Fam, ridiculous Fools try to move but them fools can't get wit us Cuz we holdin, blastin, lowlin, blastin, strollin, trashin, rollin, MASHIN!! [Billy Danze] I done figured it out [what's that?] They don't want us to shine [true] You lost your mind if you thought I tossed my iron I still got it, for when I'm facin situations like this You dissin? I'm hittin Listen, is it me or the industry to understand I'm a whole different breed of man Bill Danze, Brownsville, Bronx And I'm servin double and single shots on the rocks, nigga [AAAAAAAHHH!!] What! Who gon' tame me I'm a back block nigga and can't, nobody change me You can look at me strangely Keep yappin at your dogs if I go up in your mouth, don't blame me First Family trainee, take what's mine '99 is my time to shine, that's that [Take it easy] Fuck that, I'm ready yo I refuse to dilute jewels for you fools on this radio Fizzy Wo', [suckas never played us] They can't fade us, they hate us, they anus In fact when you touch 'em face to face, they stay in they place They know I'm slayed up from the right side left five in one fist Shutup! Shutup! Now you wanna show love You hear the soft music in the background it's your brain on slugs Now, it's a dirty job but somebody gotta do it So I crept up, stepped up, got to it [FIRE!!]

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