Monday Morning

MM has seen much since its forming in early '98. From its humble beginnings, to its recent label signing, MM has strived to write powerful music that touches the very fabric of our spiritual existence. The group has spent much of the past two years touring, writing, and recently recording tracks for their upcoming record tentatively titles Fool's Paradise - their second full length album and first label release. The follow up to the indie album, Blind - which featured radio hits Amazed and Blind - contains all new material, combined with re-recorded, more polished favorites from Blind.

"This album will really define us, as our first national release should," comments bass player Kevin Stipe.

"The change in atmosphere from North Carolina to Los Angeles really helped spark a new creative fire," adds Kent Rector, drummer. The closing track, 'Tear' was a product of this fresh atmosphere. Written on hotel stationary, "Tear" brought closure to the FP record.

Recorded at SonikWire Studios - just south of L.A. - and produced by Michael Quinlan, FP will be the thickest recordings by MM as of yet. Drawing from such influences as Led Zeppelin, U2, Stone Temple Pilots, and Our Lady Peace, FP will have a very unique blend of sounds. "Quinlan's direction was very helpful and pushed my ability and creativity," speaks Justin Blythe, guitarist for the band.

Recorded in only six weeks, the recording process pushed the band and producer to work hard to get the most out of their time in the studio. Leaving from a snow-covered airport in Nashville and landing in the warmth of the Los Angeles sun, the time was not only a "business trip" but also a vacation from the wind and cold. "The guys really worked hard, and when the album releases, I think that it will be very evident of that," comments Sid Blythe, manager for the band.

The album is slated for an early 2004 release.