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Mike Oldfield - Hostage

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You Can't Speak, You Can't Sleep You Daren't Move, You're Confused You Never Talk, You Can't Walk You Can't Feel, You're Not Real If I Open My Eyes, Just Far Enough I Can See What You're Doing Go On, Fight To The End, It's Tough Enough When You're On The Road To Ruin. Yeah! (Chorus) You're A Hostage Of The Heart Twisted 'Round The Smallest Finger Two Burning Eyes Are Tearing You Apart Turn Your Soul Into A Cinder There's No Rest, You're Possessed You Can't Leave, You Can't Breathe The Door Slams, Your Head Hangs You Blank Stare, You Don't Care If You Open Your Eyes Just Far Enough You See The Street Lamps Flicker Go On, Fight To The End, It's Tough Enough When You Know The End Is Bitter (Repeat Chorus) You're Number's Up, You're Eyes Shut You're On The Brink, You Can't Think You Wanna Run, But You're Stunned You Can't Lie, You Don't Try If I Open My Eyes, Look Hard Enough I See The Blue Light Flashes Go On, Fight To The End, It's Tough Enough Riding On The Road To Ashes (Repeat Chorus Twice) I'm A Hostage Of Your Heart You Can Twist Me 'Round Your Finger Your Burning Eyes Are Tearing Me Apart Turn My Soul Into A Cinder Boy, Boy, Hostage Of Your Heart Can You Twist Me 'Round Your Finger?

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