MICHAEL W. SMITH - Worth It All lyrics

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Michael w. smith/ tim putnam/ deborah d. smith<br><br>Kanakuk, you continue to inspire me. love you guys!!<br><br>Sometimes I wonder what it's like<br>To be living life on the other side<br>Please don't make me feel like I don't know<br>What's out there<br>Proof is written in the sky<br>Hey won't you listen to me now<br>It makes no difference if I wish upon a star<br>The only absolute is that the word of life<br>Is written on my heart<br>Oh I believe<br>Yes, I believe<br><br>Hey look at me, living life for you<br>When it's good, when it's hard<br>You know me, you know my heart<br>Yea, yea, yea I give up anything at all<br>When you call<br>All I know it's worth it all<br><br>I know you're scared to let me know you<br>I know you got a heavy kind of soul<br>And I know it's harder to believe in love when you're<br>Feeling all alone<br>They're taking bets on who the lover of your soul<br>And your heart is gonna be<br>They're taking on all the things that get you down and out<br>The moment you believe<br>I believe in you<br>Yes, I believe in you

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